• Desk Size (11" x 9") Spiral Bound Book allows visitors to sign in and wear their badge; Tab Expiring Badges change color overnight to prevent reuse
  • Confidential log is automatically kept including the visitor's destination when visitor signs in
  • Be able to keep a detailed record of visitors in the building and easily spot them when touring
  • Actual badge size: 3" x 2"; badges have fabric-friendly adhesive; Each book contains 500 3" badges
  • Each badge is printed with "Destination" to show where visitors are going; great for Schools and Hospitals
  • Prevent reuse with easy to activate time-expiring badges that are activated by folding the attached tab behind the badge so that the “VOID” shows the next day. Tab Expiring Badges change color overnight to prevent reuse. All of our visitor badges have a fabric-friendly adhesive. We specially engineered our badges so they stay on clothing without leaving behind any residue or causing any other damage.

Visitor Sign In Security Book Confidential Register (500 Black Expiring Badges)