Storage & Fulfillment


Storage & Fulfillment

The Spoiled Office offers storage and fulfillment services for your products to help deliver a one stop shop.


Our Level I Program is designed so that we may ship your item after you sell it. We'll ship to your customer in most cases within 3 days, unless it falls on a weekend then it will ship the following business day. Holiday schedules vary depending on the time of year.


This Program allows you to sell on different platforms and have your products shipped directly to your customers. Instagram? No problem. Your own eCommerce store? Yes! 


Here's The Deal:


At this time, we only handle storage and fulfill products that we manufacture or have manufactured for you. Once your products are ready, they will be counted and boxed for storage. They are now ready to ship when your customer's orders start rolling in. Ready to ship items are kept together by client in their own boxes.


Once a product sells, email us a copy of the order (unless we are handling your website too), and we’ll ship within 3-5 days. 

We are currently only shipping within the US for our Level 1 Program.


Now you can just sit back, relax - and we'll send you the tracking information. 

It is your responsibility to send tracking information to your client unless we are handling your website.




Storage rates are based at .50 per cubic foot. We have a minimum $15.00 monthly storage fee.


Insurance may be required for large accounts.




Additional fees for shipping orders to your customers include bagging, bubble wrapping, any shipping boxes, etc. that is needed when we go to ship your orders:


Suffocation Label if needed: .10 cents a label.


Private Label/Branding: $0.10 per tag or card inserted/attached. You provide the hangtag or card and we include it when we ship for you. 

We can design and print these for you too!


Pictures - We can photograph your products for your website including removing the background and brightening. Let us know and we can quote you for this.

If we are handling your webstore, this is included for the products on your website.


Outbound Shipping Boxes or Envelopes, Dunnage and Packing are additional. Prices are shown below.


And Postage or Freight charges are also additional.


We do charge $1 per order to handle your orders and the customer service that goes with it.




Boxes and Packing Materials (Price includes box, dunnage and other material necessary as well as picking and packaging for you):


12" x 15" Tear Resistant/Water Resistant Envelopes- $1.00 (other sizes available)

We typically use plain envelopes but will occasionally use holiday or specialty envelopes at no additional cost to you.


Extra Small Box- $1.30


Small Box- $2.00


Medium Box-$2.50


Large Box- $3.00


Extra Large Box- $3.35


We cannot give you an estimate on how many boxes we will have to use until we process your order. However, if you are shipping a t-shirt, you may plan on the cost of the envelope, plus $1 handling fee, plus approximately $4.00 USPS Postage (with tracking and depending on where it is shipping to).


We take great care in packing as we know how boxes can be thrown around while in transport. We bubble wrap the interior of the shipping boxes as needed if you have fragile products. 


We do not store in our facilities any food items or used items.




We invoice monthly for storage fees.

We invoice when we receive an order and require payment for the shipping fees before your product will ship to your customer.


There is no contract for this service, you may cancel at any time.




Email us to set up your account and get you in our system. There is a one time setup fee of $49 to register your account.

This fee is waived if we are handling your website. 


Once you are set up, we can begin manufacturing and shipping your products for you.


This information is also available on our website:




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